Made it into Quillette

February 9, 2021 - I had an essay published in Quillette today. It was a great fit for their new Simple Pleasures series. The simple pleasure described in my essay? Hitting a green ball against a wall - my pandemic-safe approach to practicing tennis.

One reason I love Quillette is that the magazine is a safe harbor for writers who go against the grain - people with messages and ideas that are valid and worthy of serious consideration, but despite the value they offer, don't really fit with mainstream media. I wouldn't say my essay necessarily lives up to Quillette's reputation for edgy, controversial content. But the main theme of what I wrote is the need for cultivating self-reliance in our hyper-connected times. And, I suspect, that's not a super popular point to make in some circles of commentators who are laser-focused on systemic challenges. What if we need BOTH a cultural resurgence of self-reliance AND systemic changes?

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