I write about health, culture and technology. Many of my articles on health have run in the Washington Post. My journalism and non-fiction essays have also appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, Leaps Magazine, Quillette, Medium's the Startup, Real Clear, and Fatherly Magazine, among other outlets. In addition to these feature stories, I contribute medical reference articles to WebMD.

I’m also a science fiction author with short stories and my first novella published in Compelling Science Fiction, Centropic Oracle, Every Day Fiction, Allegory, Twenty-two Twenty-eight, and the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. A few of these stories were included in "best of" anthologies, and one got translated for a Vietnamese science fiction magazine. The amazing cover depicts a scene from my story...



Other activities include law review articles about the first amendment and magazine pieces on adventurous eating. As a tennis player with a 4.5 rating, my weekend pastime is stalking the courts of Maryland in search of pickup games. I'm also a research and policy officer at the Pew Charitable Trusts focusing on climate resilience. 

Thanks for the interest in my writing. Please reach out through the contact tab on this site or Twitter @fuchswriter.

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